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Garage Door Openers

Faulty Garage Door Openers = No Garage Door at All!

Get Your Garage Door Openers Serviced by a Professional in Newaygo, MI

A garage door is virtually useless when its openers aren’t working. Lucky for you, we have over 16 years of experience servicing various types of garage door openers!

If you’re near the Newaygo, MI, area, and you’re interested in getting your garage door openers repaired or replaced by an expert, you’re in the right place! From garage opener installation to repairing remote garage door openers, we’ve got you covered.

We Offer All-Inclusive Garage Door Opener Solutions

Our goal is to be your only point of contact for all of your garage door opener needs. As such, we work with all of the garage door opener types available on the market, offering our customers only the leading brands today!

Our garage door opener services include:

  • Chain Driven Openers:
    • Liftmaster 8365 W – ½ HP premium motor with 2 remotes and keyless entry keypad
    • Liftmaster 8165 W – ½ Hp Ac motor
  • Belt-Driven Openers:
    • Liftmaster 8550W – ½ HP DC motor with Battery Backup
    • Liftmaster WLED – Heavy duty DC motor with Battery Backup and built-in LED lighting
    • Liftmaster 85503 – ½ HP DC motor with battery backup and built-in camera
  • Pole Barn/Light Duty openers:
    • Liftmaster 8587W – ¾ HP Chain driven opener
    • Liftmaster 8500W – Residential/Light Duty Commercial Jackshaft Opener
  • Commercial Openers:
    • Liftmaster T – 1/3, ½, ¾, 1 HP Commercial Trolley Opener
    • Liftmaster J – ½, ¾, 1 HP Commercial Jackshaft Opener
Get in Touch With a Skilled Garage Door Opener Contractor

Would you like to get your garage door openers repaired, replaced, or installed by a team of tried and tested professionals near Newaygo, MI? Just give us a call, and we’ll be there for you! Contact us today, and we’ll be more than happy to provide you with a free consultation.

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